March on Trenton: 3/26/2019

We the People of New Jersey are tired of being trampled on and taken advantage of by the elites in Trenton. 

Join us on March 26th, 2019 in our demonstration in Trenton.


The Issues

  • Taxes are out of control. NJ has the highest property taxes in the nation! Murphy wants to increase sales tax, gas tax, water tax, and add new tolls. 
  • Murphy has declared NJ a sanctuary state, and is pardoning criminals to prevent their deportation.
  • New gun control measures stripped law-abiding citizens of their property without compensation. Murphy has promised to sign any and all gun control legislation that hits his desk, even though we have among the harshest gun control in the nation. 
  • New Jersey's anti-business climate is driving businesses and its most prosperous citizens away.

Map of Trenton

Coming soon:

  • Bathroom locations
  • Parking locations
  • High-priority demonstration locations


Things to bring:

  • A yellow vest purchased at CNJFO
  • Bottles of water
  • Snacks and meals -- we do NOT want to patronize local businesses
  • A poncho (obviously check the weather reports prior to the date)
  • Signage (let Murphy know exactly how you feel)
  • Trash bags (we aren't animals and should make sure we leave the area cleaner than we find it)

These are just some suggestions. Bring what you feel you'll need for the day.

Remember: we don't want to patronize local businesses in Trenton. Fill up your gas tank and grab drinks and snacks at home. Make Trenton feel this in a real way!

News & Events

Purchase your yellow vest from CNJFO

The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners has designed yellow vests that we all should use at the rally. Purchase yours today!


Event Flyer for 3/26 March on Trenton

Download, print, and distribute this flyer.

Download here

Campaign to Recall and Removal of Gov. Phil Murphy

Facebook page for the campaign to recall Governor Phil Murphy.